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PACE units

Macquarie University Bachelor degrees include at least one PACE unit. PACE units offer you the chance to gain practical experience while you explore key economic, social and ethical challenges. You will work with one of over 2,500 host organisations to contribute your knowledge, ideas and a fresh perspective to real-world projects. You will learn from leading industry experts and your contribution will benefit the host organisation and the community it supports.

All PACE units include a practical activity. PACE activities are diverse and can include the following:

  • internships
  • practicums
  • field trips
  • service-based learning
  • community development projects
  • quality assurance projects
  • research projects
  • community and business reference panels.

Most degrees include a specified and compulsory PACE unit listed in your program or qualifying major: check your program to see if a PACE unit is specified for you. If you do not find a PACE unit in your program or major you still need a PACE unit to quality for your degree and you can choose from the options below. In this case you should keep elective space free for your PACE unit.

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