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Modern Political Thought - POL206

What are the limits of the legitimate use of force by political authorities? How should the power of government be limited? When is a government or political regime legitimate? These and related questions have been the subject of a continuous debate in political theory since the sixteenth century. This unit examines the various theories of human rights and of social contract as well as theories which reject the liberal/democratic approach to the question of legitimacy. Among the authors to be read are Machiavelli, Hobbes, Rousseau, Burke, Marx, Rawls, Schmitt, and Foucault.

Credit Points: 3
When Offered:

S2 Day - Session 2, North Ryde, Day (On-campus sessions: None)

S2 External - Session 2, External (On-campus sessions: None)

Staff Contact(s): Associate Professor Aleksandar Pavkovic

12cp at 100 level or above or (3cp in HIST or MHIS or POL units) Prerequisite Information


NCCW(s): POL264, POIX206
Unit Designation(s):
Unit Type:
Assessed As: Graded
Offered By:

Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations

Faculty of Arts

Course structures, including unit offerings, are subject to change.
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