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Schedule of Majors

Part 1

  1. A candidate may only qualify for a major or minor in a Program of Study if completion of a Qualifying Major is specified in the General Requirements of that Program of Study.
  2. To qualify for a major, all of the requirements of the major must be satisfied as specified in Part 1 and Part 2 of the Schedule of Majors.
  3. To qualify for more than one major a candidate must:
    (a)     complete all the requirements for each major and, in doing so,
    (b)     complete a minimum of 24 distinct credit points (including 12 distinct credit points at 300 level to 500 level) identified as belonging to each major, where ‘distinct credit points’ means the credit points are not counted towards qualifying for any other majors or minors for the purposes of this subclause.
  4. A candidate may complete a minor, or minors, with each minor comprising a minimum of 12 distinct credit points stipulated for a particular major in Part 2 of the Schedule of Majors, including 6 distinct credit points from that major at 300 level or above, where ‘distinct credit points’ means from units which are not counted towards any other majors or minors.
  5. A candidate may not qualify for a major and a minor with the same name, or for two majors with the same name, within a Program of Study or within double, combined, concurrent or separate Programs of Study.

Part 2