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Race, Nation and Ethnicity - ANTH805

This unit examines the changes that have occurred in the nation-state's understanding and management of migration. How might public policy seek both to integrate migrants and respect their cultural and class differences? What does racism mean in the contemporary era of both increased global interconnection and an increasingly walled world? The unit relates these problems (and others) to changing theoretical viewpoints in the anthropological analysis of race, nation, and ethnicity, particularly the rise of transnationalist perspectives and recent reconceptualizations of the relationships between culture, community and territory. Two main issues of policy relevance are addressed: the methodological nationalism and sedentarism of social sciences that underpin migration management, and the uses of 'culture' in discourses on integration and globalization.

Credit Points: 4
When Offered:

2019 - Next offered in 2019

Staff Contact(s): Dr Chris Vasantkumar

Admission to MDevStud or MGlobalHlthDevStud or GradCertGlobalHlthDevStud or MDevStudGlobalHlth or GradCertDevStudGlobalHlth or MAppAnth or MDevCult or MIntRel or MPASR or GradDipPASR or GradDipIntRel or MPPP or GradDipPP or MSecStrategicStud or MCrim or MIntell or MCTerrorism or MPPPMDevStud or MPPPMIntRel or 4cp in ANTH units at 800 level Prerequisite Information


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Assessed As: Graded
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Department of Anthropology

Faculty of Arts

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