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Old Kingdom Archaeology, History and Documents - AHPG872

The unit will examine the archaeological remains of the Egyptian Old Kingdom period from different sites and particularly those of Saqqara, Giza, Deir el-Gebrawi, Meir, El-Hammamiya, Akhmim, Abydos and Aswan, with a focus on analysing the art, architecture and material culture from funerary contexts. Special emphasis will be given to understanding the administrative system and the daily life of the Egyptians in the period. A study of the important texts will be undertaken and include the biographies of Djau and Harkhuf.

Credit Points: 4
When Offered:

2019 - Next offered in 2019

Staff Contact(s): Professor Naguib Kanawati

Admission to MAncHist or GradCertAncHist Prerequisite Information


Unit Designation(s):


Assessed As: Graded
Offered By:

Department of Ancient History

Faculty of Arts

Course structures, including unit offerings, are subject to change.
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