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Arts and Entertainment Industries - MMCS220

Creativity lies at the core of the contemporary arts and entertainment industries. In this unit, students will explore a number of themes on creativity. At the micro-level, students explore creativity on an individual level. They then consider how individuals work within creative collaborative groups, and how such groups are managed within the arts and entertainment industries. Students then consider the literature on ‘creative cities’ and ‘creative class’, which explores creativity more broadly. This is further expanded when considering national cultural policy in a number of different countries. At the macro level, the unit concludes with discussion of international cultural policies and the changing arts business environment.

Credit Points: 3
When Offered:

S1 Day - Session 1, North Ryde, Day

Staff Contact(s): Dr Guy Morrow

12cp at 100 level or above Prerequisite Information


NCCW(s): ARTS210
Unit Designation(s):
Unit Type:
Assessed As: Graded
Offered By:

Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies

Faculty of Arts

Course structures, including unit offerings, are subject to change.
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