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ANZAC: Australians at War - MHIX205

The ANZAC Legend has long been at the core of Australian mythology. This unit will explore the impact of armed conflict on Australian national life. As well as tracing the history of the major conflicts that have engaged Australians from before white colonisation to the War on Terror, the unit will explore how the experience of war has shaped national identity. Themes will include: the idea of ANZAC and the militarization of Australian History; the 'Australian way of war'; gender, race and ethnicity; relationships with allies and enemies; the homefront; loss, disability and rehabilitation; and other legacies of war and commemoration. A range of sources will be used to examine these themes. An innovative feature of the unit will be an assessment structure in which students develop a history project around the influence or impact of war in their local communities. This project will link the personal and local to the broader themes explored in the unit encouraging independent and creative thinking as well as empathetic exploration of historical actors and communities. One component of this project for students comfortable with technology will be the opportunity to develop an audio/visual research output.

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When Offered:

S1 OUA - Session 1, offered through Open Universities Australia

S2 OUA - Session 2, offered through Open Universities Australia

S3 OUA - Session 3, offered through Open Universities Australia

Staff Contact(s): Professor Sean Brawley, Dr Alison Holland
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Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations

Faculty of Arts

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