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Marine Sediments: Records of Past Earth - GEOS206

This unit builds the skills necessary to understand geological processes in modern and ancient marine environments. With a focus on marine sedimentology, we will examine the formation, accumulation, alteration, and preservation of sediments in the geological record. We will cover the basics of fluid flow and sediment transport, sedimentary textures and structures, and illustrate the connections between modern landforms and ancient rocks/depositional environments. This unit will focus on the reconstruction and interpretation of ancient paleo- environments based on the analysis of sedimentary structures, stratigraphy, and fossils. The unit will include a practical component as well as a five day field trip to the New South Wales South Coast.

Credit Points: 3
When Offered:

S1 Day - Session 1, North Ryde, Day

Staff Contact(s): Dr April Abbott, Professor Simon George

GEOS125 or GEOS126 or GEOS112 Prerequisite Information


Unit Designation(s):


Unit Type:
Assessed As: Graded
Offered By:

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Faculty of Science and Engineering

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