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Modern Families - GEN320

The family is full of paradoxes. While it is an intimate space of love, safety and nurturance, people frequently experience conflicts and even violence. The family and home are often considered private sites, but they are also popular topics of intense public debate and major targets of government intervention. In this unit, we will examine the increasingly diverse ways in which family life is imagined and practiced in contemporary societies. The focus will be how family issues are bound up with gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, class and nation-states. By exploring topics such as (same-sex) marriage, the gendered division of labour, and adoption, the unit is designed to help students understand the changing landscapes of families in our society, and to critically analyse the close inter-linkage between their personal lives and the impact of wider social, economic and cultural changes.

Credit Points: 3
When Offered:

S1 Day - Session 1, North Ryde, Day

S1 Online - Session 1, Online

Staff Contact(s): Dr Kumiko Kawashima

39cp at 100 level or above Prerequisite Information


GEND310 or AHIS340 or CUL322 or ENGL306 or LAWS502 or LAWS511 or LAWS570 or LING332 or MAS302 or MECO310 or PHL352 or RSN305 or SOC315 or SOC322 or SOC350 or SOC352

NCCW(s): GEN310, WST310
Unit Designation(s):
Unit Type:
Assessed As: Graded
Offered By:

Department of Sociology

Faculty of Arts

Course structures, including unit offerings, are subject to change.
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