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Delusions and Disorders of the Mind and Brain - COGS101

This unit is designed to provide you with an understanding of the basic cognitive disorders and higher-level delusions that can arise either developmentally or as a result of brain injury. You will learn about the characteristic features of these disorders and delusions, and about how the patterns of symptoms displayed can be accounted for in terms of models of normal cognitive processing. Where relevant, you will be familiarised with theories about the underlying causes of the conditions, and with experimental investigations of the efficacy of particular treatments. Patterns of similarities and differences of conditions will be critically examined. Conditions covered include: dyslexia, specific language impairment (SLI), aphasia, agnosia, amnesia, autism, synaesthesia, auditory hallucination, delusion and schizophrenia.

Credit Points: 3
When Offered:

S2 Day - Session 2, North Ryde, Day

Staff Contact(s): Professor Anne Castles



NCCW(s): COGS201, COGX101
Unit Designation(s):


Unit Type: People unit
Assessed As: Graded
Offered By:

Department of Cognitive Science

Faculty of Human Sciences

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