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The Jews from the Maccabees to Bar Kochba - AHIX843

This unit studies, through literary, archaeological and epigraphic evidence, the history of Palestine from the second century BCE to 135 CE. It covers Jewish subjection to the Seleucid kingdom, independence under the Hasmoneans, and subjection to the Romans and its client kings. In particular, there is a focus on Jewish reaction to foreign rule, the impact of 'Hellenism' on a distinctive and vibrant local culture, the effect of Roman rule on a small province, the voice of the ruled rather than the voice of the rulers. Such study provides the necessary context for which to understand the origins of early Christianity.

When Offered:

TBD - Not offered in the current year; next offering is to be determined

Staff Contact(s): Dr Kyle Keimer



NCCW(s): ECJS843
Unit Designation(s):
Unit Type: OUA
Assessed As: Graded
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Department of Ancient History

Faculty of Arts

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